Completed questionnaires can be seen HERE (just click on the photos with the borders, to see what they are up to now).

This week's trivia quiz:

Completed Questionnaires now online

The links to the Questionnaires are up and can be seen HERE (just click on the photos with the borders, to see what they are up to now). It is not too late to download the form and Email electronic pages to Steve Armbrust, if we do not have one for you.

PCEO Reunion Central

What a great time had by all!

Ralph sends his sincere thanks to all of you that came, and the rest of you that were part of making PCEO…………PCEO. I am sorry to be slow in getting this post reunion wrapup message out, been catching up on other items. I think I can safely say a good time was had by all.

We still have a limited number of memory books (very cool) for sale at 5$ and a few DVD sets for sale for $5.

If you want one of either send an email and I will get the totals and send you details on the ordering. If anyone did not get what they think was owed to them, let me know.

We are still looking for a couple of history high points that would be great to preserve before the tapes turn to dust. If anyone has access to either of these, PLEASE get back to me or to Steve Kassel.

One video Is the "Nonna Emila Look-a-Like" bet (With Darcelle) and the other is the "PCED Chinese New Year Celebration" (sometime around the 1991 timeframe)

Contact us with any questions:

Ralph Smith, Coordinator

Steve Armbrust, Coordinator & Receiver of questionnaires

John Beaston, Email List owner

Carol Chesarek, Coordinator

Marion Hansen, Coordinator

How many people were really stuffed into that Ford Tarus in Las Vegas?

Last Week's Trivia:

Who was the most missed at
the 20 year reunion last Saturday, who were you most surprised
to see?

You, if you weren’t there!!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you
next year!!!!


More to come!


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1988 Yearbook online!