Mike Steward

PCEO Department(s)

Sales Rep/OEM Sales/Industrial Distribution Manager

My Years in PCEO

1985 / 18 year

I’m now living in

CO3 / S. Hillsboro

Email Address

Today you’ll most likely find me working overtime on

NA Channel Programs, managing a team of 14 with the following responsibilities; IPP, IPD, IITP, IIPT2, Communications and Marcom.

Favorite PCEO Memories

FUN - I have many – Hawaiian Fridays, Bump the Banana, Sweeney’s risk taking (my true mentor), Surfer Steve, after work get together and friends.

WORK - Month ends were never fun at the time, but looking back I remember the team effort made to ensure that the orders were processed, shipped and confirmed. Most times it was our team rushing the shipments last minute, physically packing them, and placing them on the truck.


If I could do it over again

One of the best work experiences that had a very important effect on my overall life. Knowing what I know today, I would without any thought, do it all over again.  

Life since PCEO

Married 20 years in May of 2004, purchased a “gentleman’s” farm. My wife and I continue raising our two kids (young adults) Jacob (17) and Sara (15).  I still have many hobbies and more work the most can imagine.


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