Kathy Tillman (kt)

PCEO Department(s)

Manufacturing with a short stint in RMA

My Years in PCEO

1985-?? (still there in heart)

I’m now living in


Email Address

Today you’ll most likely find me working overtime on

Running, working out, and being a grandma!  (Still managing that work-life effectiveness!)

Favorite PCEO Memories

Steve Kassel in the blue unitard

John Beaston and his infamous anatomically correct gingerbread men and women

Visual Edge and slugs

Squirt gun fights

The personalities of everyone in the group

Working hard and loving every minute of it (we were the epitome of “win and have fun”)


If I could do it over again

I wouldn’t change a thing!  Best years at Intel.

Life since PCEO

Still single, still at Intel, still loving life, and LOVE being a grandma!


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