Jan Lebens

PCEO Department(s)

Engineering, LSD

My Years in PCEO


I’m now living in

Beaverton, OR

Email Address

Today you’ll most likely find me working overtime on

Studying Medical Transcription, terminology or Anatomy and Physiology

Favorite PCEO Memories

Corner of the Cuckoo, water fights, green bagels and New York cheesecake, Kelly Sweeny in drag, Darcelle, Village People, Rocky and Bullwinkle-wirewrapping at home until dawn,Summer Pukes Star Wars video, the Fez of Doom, Leisuresuit Larry, Bob the cucumber, answering the LSD hotline….over and over and over…. Wishing I HAD some LSD…..Playing tag on the network with Terry Coleman at 4am from home,  the “wedge”, stickers on peoples computers “LSD is your friend”,  monthly update meetings and new people introductions, “movie talk” with Kevin, taking Tom Brooks to the hospital for lunch, hula down Hall Street. Pizza pack-out parties, But most of all, I remember that there was always a car or two in the parking lot…24 hours a day. In spite of our personal differences, we all had a common goal and our focus was directed by Jim and Rich who knew how to build a team and accomplish the impossible. Few of us will be lucky enough to have that kind of work experience again. Hard work, hard play, a recipe for job satisFAXion!

If I could do it over again

I would…..

Life since PCEO

Worked for IT doing cc:Mail hub support for two years. Then I re-joined jbj working for Terry Coleman for another two years supporting the AnswerExpress startup group’s network and desktops. After that business was shut down, went back to work for IT supporting MAX, the materials planning software and platforms. Left Intel in 2002 a  complete burnout.

Currently, I’m retraining to work from home as a medical transcriptionist. I’m done at Intel.

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