Glenn Eisenach

PCEO Department(s)

HW Design/Evaluation/Sustaining

My Years in PCEO

4/87? To 4/96?

I’m now living in

Portland, OR

Email Address

Today you’ll most likely find me working overtime on

Decorating glass, ceramic, etc souvenir & promo items

Favorite PCEO Memories

Great people to work with, particularly one short person with whom I have been able to remain friends with through all our disagreements. 

Mail bombs, water fights, etc.

An evening on a business trip to France where Theresa Leonard & I were refused entrance to a casino because of Theresa’s “inappropriate attire”.

Trips to the factories in Singapore and Puerto Rico.

If I could do it over again

I might have tried harder to avoid EMI testing.

Life since PCEO

Upon leaving Intel, I hopped on my sailboat and spent several years in Mexico, where I spent a fair amount of time volunteering my time on various projects like building houses for underprivileged families, building a kindergarten, various work at a non-profit medical clinic and at a work/study facility for US medical students, etc..  I also played Santa’s helper in a small village where the children had never seen a Santa Claus and helped in the production of their first children’s play.


After losing my shirt in the stock market, I returned to Portland and took over a small business making souvenirs and promo items. 

Now I am a recovering engineer and an aspiring artiiste.


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