Gail Kessinger

PCEO Department(s)

Channel & OEM Sales & Marketing, Customer Support

My Years in PCEO

1987 –through PCED

I’m now living in

Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Email Address

Today you’ll most likely find me working overtime on

What’s overtime?  I live the simple life now.

Favorite PCEO Memories

My co-workers and our shared dedication.  First forays into the channel and going all over the mid-west to “home based garage” businesses and Sears’s stores delivering window signs that proclaimed “INTEL” in bright blue.  Marketing for the OEMS.  Battles with IBM.  All the free stuff – including Harold’s New York Cheese Cake and the I Love NY PCEO t-shirts.   Comdex in NY and staying at the Plaza.

Steve DeWindt’s great attitude, Rich Bader’s charm, Kelly Sweeney and John Beaston always up to something outrageous.   All the politically incorrect activities and the parties and feasts.  Miniature golf in the hallways, the Code of Bullshito during our “International Potluck”, the Hawaii-style entertainment by our fearless leaders, kushballs, water fights in the cubicles, and sales meetings with great videos (I still have them all!)

The incredible products - the Math Co-Processor, AboveBoard, the Inboard, hubs and of course, Satisfaxtion.  Wow – how ancient they all sound now?  The struggle to replace toll-free calling.

Looking forward to going to work every morning ;-)

If I could do it over again

Sell Intel Stock high!  

Life since PCEO

Filled with family and friends.  Love living at the beach.  Spend time everyday outdoors, walking the dog with Steve. Can’t believe that we are lucky enough to have four grandchildren – 3 grandsons (ages 9, 3, and 1) and a granddaughter (age 6). Substitute teacher at the local elementary and high schools during the school year.  (Can you imagine me with kindergarteners to Seniors, from PE to Art classes?) Taught a few classes at the community college. Enjoying camping, fishing and hiking the rest of the time.  And I have found that quilting is a kick – donate time to local organizations quilting for those in need.  Volunteer at the library and serve on its board, help with Meals on Wheels, and am active in this little community. 


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