Fran Ottinger

PCEO Department(s)

I started out supporting Ted Forgeron in engineering.Then supported Steve Kassel and Greg Hayes in engineering.†† Then to LSD (Lan Support Department) and then sold to IT.

My Years in PCEO


Iím now living in

Still local

Email Address

Today youíll most likely find me working overtime on

Nothing Ė I donít do overtime any more.

Favorite PCEO Memories

I loved it when Priscillaís car got shrink-wrapped.

The mega water fight where Jim Flash supplied squirt guns Ė well, all of the water fights were great.

When we moved Steve Sallís office into the menís room when we were bursting at the seams with new hires and Steve was the space king.

The quarterly meeting at Merlo Road Ė Jim and Jim as the Beach Boys, the Village People, etc.

When Greg Hayes did the Carmen Miranda impersonation and Steve Kassel danced to Swan Lake.

There are just so many wonderful memories.I loved coming to work every day.My time at PCEO was my best ever work experience.I worked really hard but I felt like part of the team.PCEO was a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If I could do it over again

I would try to make time stop so we wouldnít have to leave PCEO.

Life since PCEO

Itís just work.


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