Clara Pawlowski

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Admin w/Tony Drain & Leslie; publications dept.

My Years in PCEO


I’m now living in

Beaverton, Oregon

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Today you’ll most likely find me working overtime on

School volunteer activities

Favorite PCEO Memories

I don’t have a specific memory…it’s all a blur.  (Is that what happens when you’re starting a family or is it pre-menopausal??)  I do remember it as a great working environment.

If I could do it over again

Life since PCEO

I stopped working at PCEO because Steve and I made the decision to have a third child.  My life has been all about our family since PCEO. 

Steve is still doing the Intel thing.  You know how that goes….busy, travel, meetings…get home and be with your family.  Keeping balance is constantly a challenge, but he’s done a great job.  J

Cynthia is going to be 21 years old in July.  She’s a senior at Linfield College, majoring in Elementary Ed with a minor in Japanese.

Robert is 18 years old and just graduated from Aloha High School.  He’s interning at Intel this summer and will attend Oregon State University to study engineering. 

Bryan is 15 years old – he’ll be a sophomore at Aloha High School and very lonely without his brother.  He’s involved in Aloha’s band program, taekwondo, driving a car and friends.

I’ve participated in many different levels of school volunteering post-PCEO.  Currently, I’m on the AHS Site Council committee and involved with the band program (website stuff).  Volunteering has been a great way to continue learning new skills and touch kids’ lives.

Time has flown by.  Our parents always told us to enjoy every moment; we have tried to do just that.  I enjoyed the moments at PCEO and every one since.  Hope you all have, too.  J



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