Chaling Lin

PCEO Department(s)

Finance, Mfg, Ops

My Years in PCEO

Since 5/85

I’m now living in

12889 NW Hartford St, Portland, OR 97229

Email Address

Today you’ll most likely find me working overtime on

Making pottery

Favorite PCEO Memories

  • “Steve Kassel” looks alike day- I actually did a BUM update with hairs out of my chest and balloons under my shirt- sleeves!
  • Haggen Daz Ice Cream bars when we made sales targets.
  • The toys Beaston would play at our weekly marathon staff meetings.
  • JBJ learns to tell a joke.
  • Sports Mind at Rippling River- our human fence did it in record time.  We thrive in chaos.  A major turning point personally to be more in touch with who I am.
  • Some how the people I worked with at PCEO left me with deeper emotional attachment than any other jobs I had with other organization.

If I could do it over again

Repeat the history, but never to join System Group.

Life since PCEO

Worked at RCO for 5 years before taking assignment to Intel China.  Last job at Intel- manage the Intel Inside program.

Retired in 2001.

Working hard to develop the right side of my brain via pottery, ballroom dancing and Chinese Calligraphy.


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