Art King

PCEO Department(s)


My Years in PCEO

1986 – 1990

I’m now living in


Email Address

Today you’ll most likely find me working overtime on

Getting creamed by a teenager daughter at the basketball hoop

Favorite PCEO Memories

Al Kinney in a toga

Jingle: “Let’s do Above Board Again”

If I could do it over again

Take more pictures of JBJ on Hall Street bumping the bananna

Life since PCEO

Founded FaxBack Inc in 1990

Sierra Rose born in 1990

Hannah Leah born in 1992

Taylor Raymond born in 1994

Caleb Stephen born in 1996

Theron Jonothan born in 1997

Built 350-foot zip line in back-yard in 1998

Willa Lauretta born in 1999

Rylee Suzanne born in 2004


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