Anita Locy Johnson


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My Years in PCEO


I’m now living in

Austin, Texas

Email Address

Today you’ll most likely find me working overtime on

DVD projects for family and friends

Favorite PCEO Memories

There are so many!  Working with Rich and Jim (always); working with Connie Barr on product intros; the day Ashton-Tate said “yes” to our new product idea (the birth of Above Board); putting 10 (or was it 11?) PCEO people in a Ford Taurus at Comdex; wild times with new friends at the endless new sales force training; good product reviews; 50+ people with spoons on their noses at my 5 year roast; making EMS 4.0 happen;  “7 Habits” training in Salishan; working with passionate, motivated people every day.


If I could do it over again

I would have talked my husband into staying longer in Oregon instead of moving back to Texas!


Life since PCEO

Stay at home mom of 2 great kids (Alex, 11 and Nellie, 5);  lots of volunteer work (esp. kids’ schools, Houston Zoo and Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center); a fun part-time job as Kodak digital cameras retail rep; discovering life outside the office (friends, gardening, kayaking).

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